Lambert de Seyssel Petit Royal
I used this lovely sparkling wine from the Savoie for my wedding celebration. Lucky for us, there is some amount left. Get it while you can.

Bottle 34.          Glass 8.75

Indigenous Prosecco
We bring Prosecco out for any excuse to celebrate.  It’s simpler than Champagne and infinitely better than most sparkling wines costing much more. There is insipid Prosecco and there is beautifully dry and aromatic Prosecco. Try it, you’ll love it

Bottle 29.          Glass 7.75
Clos Normand French Brut Hard Cider
There are few beverages more refreshing than dry hard cider. This version from Normandy is both crisp and delicate, with lively dry fruit and a lovely bitter finish. Feeling adventurous? Try a Normand Kir, a lovely drink combining French cider, creme de cassis and a dash of Calvados.
Bottle 18.          Glass 6.
Calera 2015 Chardonnay Central Coast  
Although not my typical style of wine, I find myself loving this Chardonnay, despite my preconceived notions.  The phrase that keeps popping into my head is fresh lemon curd. It’s citrusy, particularly lemony with a cream texture. The wine finishes with a moderate amount of oak that lends an appealing toasty finish.
Bottle 38.      Quartino  13.5      Glass  9.25
Buglioni Il Disperato 2015 Bianco delle Venezie IGT
This straw colored Italian wine is from a region full of red wines and seldom a white wine is found. The Buglioni family fashions a lively tropical, juicy tangerine wine. 100% Garganega, the grape Soave is made from, is crisp and festive. Perfect for early spring imbibing.
.Bottle  33.          Quartino  12.5         Glass  8.5
Menadé 2015 Verdejo Rueda
This organic wine from Spain is so good with so many dishes! It is dry, but full of white peach and juicy lime fruit. Lots of zingy acidity makes this wine pair with fish, shellfish and almost any vegetable dish. My only complaint…this wine has the ugliest label for such a delightful wine that I have seen in a very, very long time.
Bottle  28.     Quartino  11.5     Glass  7.75

Foncalieu 2016 Picpoul Rosé        
I love this wine from Cazouls-lès-Béziers in the Languedoc and I’ve finally, finally gotten my hands on enough inventory to offer it as a glass pour. Picpoul Noir is a natural mutation of Picpoul blanc and fashions a deliciously citrusy and aromatic rosé.  The bottle is also particularly beautiful with a hen on it. I guess picpoul comes from, pique or “grab” and poule means “hen”. Evidently the grape varietal holds a special fondness for the birds as they love to grab them off the vines.
Bottle  26.     Quartino  11.     Glass  7.5
Sineann 2014 Pinot Noir
We received the new vintage of this wine from our friends at Sineann who private label it for us and wow...what a wine. Perfect with almost any dish, this wine is curated from our good friend Peter Rosback of Sineann.  It shows the beauty of a bountiful vintage from key vineyard sites within the Willamette Valley. Beautiful, juicy dark cherry fruit and a long luxurious finish. Think Nicolas Potel as a Portlandia hipster.
Bottle  43.     Quartino  14.75      Glass  10.
Mas de Gourgonnier 2015 Les Baux de Provence
Gourgonnier is one of those wines that’s around just long enough to fall in love with and then suddenly it disappears. It’s an organic Provence blend of 32% Cabernet Sauvignon, 31% Grenache, 22% Syrah, 15% Carignan with oodles of flavor and that definite Provence vibe. Why, oh why, was I born in Southern Ohio instead of Southern France?
.Bottle  33.          Quartino  12.5         Glass  8.5
Bodegas Bhilar 2016 Rioja Lágrimas de Graciano
I’m quite fond of this 100% Graciano Rioja. The grape variety is on the rise in the region I understand, with the government offering subsidies for wineries to plant the varietal. This wine has lovely dark cherry fruit, a hint of licorice and is reminiscent of a cru Beaujolais.
Bottle  31.     Quartino  12.25.     Glass  8.25
Chateau Segonzac 2011 Côtes de Bordeaux Blaye
This little beauty is a blend of 50% Merlot, 45% Cabernet Sauvignon and 5 % Cabernet Franc. Full of plummy fruit, with silky tannins, but enough minerality that signals, French wine. A little bit on oak to add softness but it’s used very subtly. A lot of wine for the money.
Bottle  28.     Quartino  11.5.     Glass  7.75