Lambert de Seyssel Petit Royal
I used this lovely sparkling wine from the Savoie for my wedding celebration. Lucky for us, there is some amount left. Get it while you can.
Bottle  34.          Glass  8.75


Nobilissima Prosecco DOC
We bring Prosecco out for any excuse to celebrate.  It’s simpler than Champagne and infinitely better than most sparkling wines costing much more. There is insipid Prosecco and there is beautifully dry and aromatic Prosecco. Try it, you’ll love it 
Bottle29.          Glass7.75


Clos Normand French Brut Hard Cider
There are few beverages more refreshing than dry hard cider. This version from Normandy is both crisp and delicate, with lively dry fruit and a lovely bitter finish. Feeling adventurous? Try a Normand Kir, a lovely drink combining French cider, creme de cassis and a dash of Calvados. 
Bottle  18.          Glass  6.


Trefethen 2014 Chardonnay
Some things are so old school and classic, but cutting edge at the same time, you return to them over and over...Joni Mitchell, Robert de Niro films, eating with your family at the dinner table, Dairy Queen. Trefethen Chardonnay fits that category. It’s the queen bee of California Chardonnay. Yes, it has oak, but it's used appropriately. A lovely wine, from Napa's Oak Knoll region that's as good today as it was when I first tasted it in the eighties.
 Bottle43.     Quartino12.5      Glass8.5

Indigenous 2015 Pinot Grigio delle Venezie
I find it hard to hide my distain for generic Pinot Grigio. The insipid, somewhat sweet, thin wine that is served at most chain restaurants is often overpriced and underwhelming. Well wine lovers, I have good news for you. Here is a wine that is full of stone fruit and citrus goodness with a lip smacking, saline minerality.
Bottle 29.     Quartino11.75     Glass8.


Camino Roca Altxerri 2016 Txakoli
I love this wine made from the obscure Basque varietal Hondarrabi Zuri. It is made with native yeasts and uber traditional winemaking techniques. The result is a super refreshing and slightly effervescent white wine that pairs beautifully with fish, seafood and warm weather vegetable dishes..
Bottle33.          Quartino12.5         Glass8.5


Domaine Vetriccie 2016 Rosé

This Corsican wine is a blend of 50% Niellucciu, 35% Sciaccarellu and 15% Grenache. The vineyards are located in a part of the island called the Costa Serena, nestled between the mountains and the sea. An extremely pale pink wine with lovely fresh crushed raspberry and tart red currant fruit.
Bottle28.          Quartino11.5         Glass7.75


Clos du Val 2012 Three Graces
Three Graces is a proprietary Bordeaux style blend from one of Napa’s most iconic brands. TheirCabernet was the first “fine” wine I ever bought. A great balance of elegant, full-bodied, black fruit lushness and silky tannins. Alas, this winery is under new ownershipand perhaps a different direction, but for now, enjoy a glass of Splendor, Mirth and Joy.
Bottle53.     Quartino17.75.     Glass12.5


Sineann 2014 Pinot Noir
We received the new vintage of this wine from our friends at Sineann who private label it for us and wow...what a wine. Perfect with almost any dish,this wine is curated from our good friend Peter Rosback of Sineann.  It shows the beauty of a bountiful vintage, from key vineyard sites within the Willamette Valley. Beautiful, juicy dark cherry fruit and a long luxurious finish. Think Nicolas Potel as a Portlandia hipster.
Bottle43.          Quartino14.75      Glass10.


Sierra Cantabria 2009 Rioja Crianza
The same family has been producing Sierra Cantabria wines since the 1870’s. This wine is produced from 100% Tempranillo and aged in French and American oak barrels. Lovely black cherry fruit with rustic elements of leather and supple tannins. The little extra bottle age really makes this wine more luxurious than you would imagine. Classic.

Bottle31.          Quartino11.75         Glass8.5


Elicio 2014 Grenache & Merlot
There are so many great, fun value packed red wines for summer, it’s hard just to choose one. This Grenache and Merlot blend from the south of France is tops on my current list. It’s everything you expect, medium bodied, dark, brambly fruit and a black pepper spice finish.
Bottle25.     Quartino10.     Glass6.75