Lambert de Seyssel Petit Royal
I used this lovely sparkling wine from the Savoie for my wedding celebration. Lucky for us, there is some amount left.
Get it while you can.

Bottle 32.          Glass 8.25

Domaine J. Laurens le Moulin Blanquette de Limoux
We bring sparkling wine out for any excuse to celebrate.  It’s simpler and more affordable than Champagne. This little French sparkler will quickly endear you with its crisp green apple goodness, fresh effervescence and its very attractive price. Try it, you’ll love it.   
Bottle29.          Glass7.75

Clos Normand French Brut Hard Cider
There are few beverages more refreshing than dry hard cider. This version from Normandy is both crisp and delicate with lively dry fruit and a lovely bitter finish. Feeling adventurous? Try a Normand Kir, a lovely drink combining French cider,
creme de cassis and a dash of Calvados.

Bottle 18.          Glass 6.

Macauley 2012 Chardonnay Dutton Ranch
This Russian River Chardonnay is more akin to some of the great white Burgundies, rather than generic, high end California Chardonnay. The winemaker ferment and surlies age the wine in equal parts concrete, stainless steel and oak giving the wine a honey pear flavor, but also a fresh crispness often missing from wines of this ilk.

Bottle42.          Quartino14.       Glass9.5

Foucher-Lebrun 2015 Touraine Sauvignon Les Jarriers
This organically produced Sauvignon from the Loire Valley is rockin’ my world. It’s full of juicy citrus…lemon curd with key lime juice,but avoids being stern or terse. This 100% stainless fermented little jewel is simple adorable.

Bottle28.     Quartino10.75     Glass7.25

Jubiläumkellerei 2015 Pinot Grigio Alto Adige
I find it hard to hide my distain for generic Pinot Grigio. The insipid, somewhat sweet, thin wine that is served at almost any chain restaurant is often overpriced and underwhelming. Well wine lovers, I have good news for you. There is lovely, wonderfully dry, peach infused Pinot Grigio from the Alto Adige region of Italy. The region is in the Northern part of Italy on the Austrian border and wines is more analogous to Grüner Veltliner than the Pinot Grigio you are familiar with.

Bottle28.     Quartino10.75     Glass7.25

Château d'Or et de Gueules 2015 Rosé "Les Cimels"            
A blend of equal parts Cinsault, Mourvedre and Grenache this wine is shaping up to be my “go to” pink of the season. This wine is full of red cherry and cranberry fruit with a lively, focused minerality and vibrant acidity.

Bottle26.     Quartino11.     Glass7.5

Cellier des Princes 2013 Châteauneuf-du-Pape
Cellier des Princes is the only cooperative still operating in Châteauneuf-du-Pape. A blend of 90% Grenache, 5% Syrah and 5% Mourvedre, the wine is medium-bodied with a long finish and spicy aromas and plenty of cherry, kirsch and herbs de Provence.

Bottle40.          Quartino14.5         Glass9.75

Ramsay 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon
This second label from Kent Rasmussen is a blend of 93% Cabernet Sauvignon4% Merlot   3% Petite Sirah. It’s all North Coast fruit, Sonoma with some Napa, Lake County and a few other vineyards blended in. This elegant wine, not extracted, alcoholic grape juice. Cherry and black currant fruit followed by silky tannins. 
Bottle29.     Quartino11.     Glass7.5

Domaine Laroque 2015 Cité de Carcassonne
I’ve had a, not so secret love affair with Cabernet Franc for a number of years. Yes, I love the varietals from Loire, but this exuberant version from the Carcassonne, home of the ancient fortified city in southern France. This wine is all red fruit…raspberry, currant and cranberry with an abundance of wild garrigue.

Bottle 25.          Quartino10.      Glass6.75