Lambert de Seyssel Petit Royal

I used this lovely sparkling wine from the Savoie for my wedding celebration. Lucky for us, there is some amount left. Get it while you can.

Bottle  34.          Glass  8.75

BiancaVigna Spumante Rosa Cuvee 1931

This was such a hit at our sparkling wine tasting, I poured on NYEve. I love it so much I’ve decided to put the wine list to ring in the new year. 95% Glera, the grape in Prosecco with 5% Pinot Noir added for the slightest hint of pink and a fresh red fruit finish.Try it, I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do.    

Bottle  32.          Glass  8.25

Clos Normand French Brut Hard Cider 

There are few beverages more refreshing than dry hard cider. This version from Normandy is both crisp and delicate, with lively dry fruit and a lovely bitter finish. Feeling adventurous? Try a Normand Kir, a lovely drink combining French cider, creme de cassis and a dash of Calvados. 

Bottle  18.          Glass  6.

Calera 2016 Chardonnay Central Coast

Although not my typical style of wine, I find myself loving this Chardonnay, despite my preconceived notions.  The phrase that keeps popping into my head is fresh lemon curd. It’s citrusy, particularly lemony with a cream texture. The wine finishes with a moderate amount of oak that lends an appealing toasty finish. 

Bottle 39.     Quartino   13.5     Glass 9.25

Lieu Dit 2017 Chenin Blanc

Oh how I love Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley.
Nowhere else will do, just the Loire. Imagine my surprise when I tasted this California wine and fell in love. Longtime pals, Eric Railsback and Justin Willet formed Lieu Dit, using Loire varietals in Santa Ynez Valley. The wine is bright, complex with green apple fruit and a lively minerality. Not much of this wine is available, so get it while you can,

Bottle  43.     Quartino  14.75.     Glass  10.

Marotti Campi 2017 Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi

This ancient grape varietal from the Marches region of eastern Italy has been the subject of, poems, legends and Visigoths. It’s a dry wine with subtle floral elements and bitter almond notes in the finish. If you don’t try this wine you’re missing one of the loveliest Italian white wines in the universe.

Bottle  28.     Quartino  11.5     Glass  7.75

Domaine Lafage 2017 Miraflors Rosé

Produced from Grenache Gris and Mourvedre, this Rosé from the Roussillon using organic practices. The wine is full of strawberry/raspberry fruit with hint of orange peel. A late arrival to our rosé selections this year, but well worth the wait.

Bottle  35.     Quartino  13.     Glass  8.75

Priest Ranch 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon 

As many of you know, I love European wines. It takes a very special Napa Cabernet to make me want to put it on my list by the glass. Here it is folks, Priest Ranch. This wine is full bodied, as you would expect, but also extremely elegant and restrained. Cassis and blackberry fruit followed by a long luxurious finish. A lot of wine for the money.

Bottle  60.    Quartino  17.75     Glass  12.5

Sineann 2014 Pinot Noir

We received the new vintage of this wine from our friends at Sineann who private label it for us and wow...what a wine. Perfect with almost any dish, this wine is curated from our good friend Peter Rosback of Sineann.  It shows the beauty of a bountiful vintage from key vineyard sites within the Willamette Valley. Beautiful, juicy dark cherry fruit and a long luxurious finish. Think Nicolas Potel as a Portlandia hipster.

Bottle  43.     Quartino  14.75      Glass  10.

Domaine Faillenc Sainte Marie 2016 Corbieres

I had this wine at Proof in the 21 C hotel in Louisville and I just thought it was amazing. A blend of Syrah, Grenache and Cinsault all fermented together and aged all in tank. The wine is very expressive with tons of wild berry fruit and wild herb elements.

Bottle  32.          Quartino  12.5       Glass  8.5

Marchesi di Barolo 2015 Barbera Manraia

This is a youthful Barbera, aged partially in tank and partially in neutral oak. It is loaded with fresh berry fruit and with a slightly more rustic edge than its Barbara d’Asti cousin. Perfect with cheese service as well as the tagine.

Bottle  28.     Quartino  11.5     Glass  7.75

EgoBodegas 2015 Gorú Jumilla

A blend of Monatrell, Syrah and Petit Verdot from the Jumilla region of Spain. When I was traveling in Spain quite a few years back, the region really captivated me. I mean the terrain is like nothing I’d ever seen…old craggy vines, some of them the oldest in the world, juttingout of sandy soil covered with large baseball size rocks. This amazingly rich, dark wine is one of Spain’s great wine values.

Bottle  26.     Quartino  10.75     Glass  7.25