Lambert de Seyssel Petit Royal
I used this lovely sparkling wine from the Savoie for my wedding celebration. Lucky for us, there is some amount left.
Get it while you can.

Bottle 34.          Glass 8.25

Naveran 2014 Cava
I adore Cava. There’s something about those bubbles that just screams “PARTY!” I don’t mean party like it’s 1999, I mean celebrate, appreciate, give thanks.

Bottle 29.          Glass7.75

Lamberti Prosecco
We bring Prosecco out for any excuse to celebrate.  It’s simpler than Champagne and infinitely better than most sparkling wines costing much more. There is insipid Prosecco and there is beautifully dry and aromatic Prosecco. Try it, you’ll love it.   

Bottle 29.          Glass 7.75

Clos Normand French Brut Hard Cider
There are few beverages more refreshing than dry hard cider. This version from Normandy is both crisp and delicate, with lively dry fruit and a lovely bitter finish. Feeling adventurous? Try a Normand Kir, a lovely drink combining French cider, creme de cassis and
a dash of Calvados.
Bottle 18.          Glass 6.

Banshee 2014 Chardonnay Sonoma Coast
This a new winery for us and full of young, renegade energy. Unfortunately, in this day and age being a renegade means slow fermentation, judicious use of French oak and impeccable fruit sourcing. Pretty crazy, right? The wine is full of the requisite apple/pear fruit with a lighter stone fruit component, followed by warmer notes of vanilla and brioche. Pretty rocking’ juice from the renegades.

Bottle 35.          Quartino 13.75      Glass 8.75

Feudi di San Gregorio 2014 Falangina
I always try to feature one wine I really, really like, but in the back of my mind think, “It’s too weird, it’s not going to sell.” I hope against hope y’all take a walk on the wild side, because I know you’re going to love this grapefruit and mineral tinged wine from Campania.

Bottle 30.     Quartino 11.75     Glass 8.

Chateau Lamothe de Haux 2015
Bordeaux Blanc
I love, love, love this wine. It comes to us via our wine maven salesperson, Donna. A blend of 40% Sauvignon Blanc, 40% Sémillon and 20% Muscadelle based on ancient tradition, that is rare in Bordeaux these days. The wine is full of citrus elements and a lively minerality. You’re going to love it.

Bottle 27.     Quartino 11.    Glass 7.5

Roberts + Rogers Cabernet Sauvignon
Louer Family Vermilion Block
This beautiful Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon highlights rich extracted dark fruit with elements of integrated oak and bittersweet chocolate and a long silky finish. California Cabernet at its best.

Bottle 45.          Quartino 15.5         Glass 10.5

Château Baret 2009 Pessac-Léognan
There are some great Bordeaux vintages out there. I’m lucky to have snagged this little beauty from 2009. This blend of 49%Merlot, 48% Cabernet Sauvignon and 3% Cabernet Franc from the renowned Pessac-Léognan, is redolent of blackberry and plum fruit with a touch of baking spice on the noise.

Bottle 45.          Quartino 15.5         Glass 10.5

Foucher-Lebrun 2014 Bourgueil
Lieu-dit La Chopiniere
There are but a handful of Bourgueil available in Ohio and probably less than a handful of people that ever order it. It’s full of red fruit, raspberry and strawberry with classic aromas of spice and graphite. A lovely rendition of Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley that is the quintessential “food wine”. I mean really, it goes with every red wine dish you can imagine…burgers, duck, steak,lamb chops, Spanish fries and cheese service.

Bottle 30.     Quartino 11.75     Glass 8.

Semaphore 7 2015 Alentejo
This little Portuguese beauty is a blend of Alicante Bouschet, Tinto Aragones andTrincadeira, all household names, right. Well, before you dismiss this wine that’s hand harvest using only sustainable agriculture practices, think again. Think about black fruit flavors with floral aromas, think about a little oak aging, but not too much, think about a whole lotta wine for 26. a bottle.

Bottle 26.          Quartino 10.75      Glass 7.25