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Annual Garlic Dinner

Please join us for our annual Garlic Dinner featuring the beautiful varieties of garlic from Peach Mountain Organics.

Garlic Dinner 2018

Garlic Fondue Cracker Topped with Beet and Garlic Cured and Smoked Salmon
Agnès Paquet Ali Boit Boit et les 40 Buveurs

Garlic Oil Poached Halibut with Clams, Garlicscape Broth, Garlic Schmear and Fried Capers
Raimat 2017 Saira Albariño

Deconstructed Duck and Garlic Cassoulet
Domaine Faury 2016 Saint Joseph

Garlic Poached Carrot Salad with Lavender, Crunchy Garlic Chips, Raw and the 
Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette

Kokoborrego Owl Creek Tomme with Fig Garlic Jam and 
Blue Jacket Ludlow with Garlic, Hyssop, Chive Syrup
Acentor 2016 Garnacha

Black Garlic Beignets with Black Garlic Caramel

65 pp

80 pp with wine pairings

Gratuity not included

Call 937-767-1144 to reserve your place at the table.